History in the making

in the making

A foundation for success

IDC Models was established over 40 years ago, initially as part of IDC, the international product design consultancy, to help support the visualisation and testing of IDC's design projects. With custom built workshops, we quickly became an important service in our own right and IDC Models was born, offering a model making service for all companies and industries.

From 1972 when IDC formed, we supported landmark projects with realistic prototypes and test rigs. These ranged from early automotive projects to telephones, personal and mainframe computers, domestic appliances and mobile phones. Since then we have worked on exciting projects of all sizes, including a life-sized flawless model of a Red Bull racing car, right through to models of the smallest insect ears in the world!

Over the years IDC Models has invested in the best prototyping technology, engineering skills and quality systems. Recently we became the first model making facility to be quality certified for both ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.