Trouble free injection moulding

Trouble free
injection moulding

Benefit from our Chinese connections without risk

We can provide you with rapid, high quality, cost effective and hassle free injection moulding, tool making and production. With IDC’s technical and support staff based in the UK and though our office in China, we work with our trusted suppliers in China to ensure your parts are made quickly and reliably to your exact specification.

Our injection moulding service can accommodate a wide variety of options including:

  • Rapid tooling (1-2 weeks)
  • Cost effective low volume thermoplastic parts (from 200 pieces)
  • Aluminium, P20, or hardened steel tools
  • Injection tools with multiple cavities and actions
  • Blow moulding tools and parts
  • Mould-only tool-making shipped to your production facilities
  • Textures, polishes and finishes
  • Post-production assembly and finishes (including painting, prints and welding)
  • A wide range of polymers (ABS, PC, LDPE, PP, PET, Nylon, Acrylic, POM, transparent glass fills and speciality grades)
  • Production from recycled feedstock.

Our injection moulding service

Our model making team works closely with IDC's design studio both in the UK and Shanghai, forming a team of experts to ensure smooth progress at every stage of the project as outlined below:

  • Design review and drawing/CAD
  • SCA prototype to confirm design
  • Review tool design
  • On-going status reports
  • Final part inspection and approval
  • Tool sign off (and shipping if required)
  • Post production.

Why injection moulding?

This is one of the leading processes used for manufacturing plastic products, and it is also ideal for high volume products and high volume production of identical parts.

Injection moulding is a widely used and well-developed process that is excellent for rapid production of identical parts with tight tolerances; it is used to create a huge diversity of our day-today plastic products. Accurately engineered tools and big injection pressures are essential for achieving excellent surface finish and reproduction detail.