IDC Models Launches Online SLA Ordering System

IDC Models, the rapid prototyping and model making division of IDC, has become one of the UK’s first model makers to launch a full online quote and ordering system for its Stereolithography (SLA) 3D Printing Service. IDC Models has offered an online quoting facility previously, but the new system will make ordering models and prototypes smoother - and much quicker.

IDC’s new system will speed up the ordering process greatly. Customers simply have to upload their STL files online for an instant quote. The system will then produce a rotatable 3D image of the item to be modelled. The customer can check that the details are correct and, once approved, will be given three payments options through PayPal online. With time and efficiency in mind, customers will also benefit from several delivery options.

Companies looking to place larger orders will also enjoy rewards through IDC Models’ online quote system. Orders over a certain amount will receive an automatic discount.

Ben May, Director of IDC Production, comments, “IDC was one of the first companies to offer a quote service on the web, and now we have taken this one step further in offering a full online ordering service. We are delighted to provide even more convenience and efficiency to our customers.”

28 February 2014