IDC Models Supports Development of Wetsuit Washer

IDC Models worked with a group of extreme watersports enthusiasts at M.A.S. Bully, who were inspired to develop a solution to the problem of cleaning wetsuits. After a series of test models and working prototypes, the world’s first wetsuit washer was born.

IDC’s design studio managed the development, with a brief to create a high quality product, which performed efficiently using only a minimal amount of water. IDC’s design engineers worked alongside IDC Models to develop a new product in only 5 months.

Bully’s wetsuit washer is based on the format of a coat hanger with water jets to rinse the entire wetsuit. A shower head element washes the outside of the wetsuit, while the inside of the wetsuit is cleaned using a series of pipes that sit within the main hanger. The product has a strong visual design and an anthropometric form that ensures the wetsuit is both well presented and dries without creases. The system was also designed to conserve as much water as possible.

IDC Models created a number of early models to test and explore different methods of water distribution. These included copper and aluminium tubing models with various patterns of water dispersal holes to test different water flow systems. The most effective tube system was chosen to clean the inside of wetsuits. Following this, 3D printing was used to demonstrate the outer casing and smaller components of the product. One of the main parts of the wetsuit washer was the spray head which acted like a shower head to spray water over the outside of the wetsuit. In producing a model of this part, the team machined a press tool to shape aluminium plate into a sprayhead. Once the core technology and aesthetic design were finalised, three working prototypes were produced – all were painted and finished to the highest standard so Bully could use them to support their marketing activities.

Bully’s team is delighted - both with the final product, and IDC’s whole design process, saying, “Working with IDC was an amazing experience for us. From the start, we felt they understood our needs and through their professional design process, we were fully informed at every stage of the design. IDC’s communication was exceptional; we are a young start up company and their team made themselves available to support us at any time.”

Bully Wetsuit Washer

Bully Wetsuit Washer

13 December 2017