Kinetico Chooses IDC Models for Precision SLA Model

IDC Models, the rapid prototyping and model making division of IDC (Industrial Design Consultancy), developed a highly accurate SLA model of a water softener for customer research and marketing use.

IDC's prototyping engineers created and assembled the components, and provided a top quality finish to make the model so realistic it could be used at Kinetico customer events and exhibitions.

IDC Models’ Viper SLA machine produces the best quality, highest tolerance parts in the industry. In this case, six parts were created by SLA, including hinge mechanisms and these were pieced together to give a flawless finish after sanding and painting, providing a perfect replica of the real device. With the accuracy and speed of the SLA machine, the team were able to complete the project within a couple of days.

IDC Models’ prototyping engineer, Mike Brooks, commented, “We have worked with Kinetico on a number of projects over the years and we’re delighted to have achieved the high standards that they expect once again on this latest product.”

Water softener SLA model

Completed Model of the Water Softener

6 July 2018